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The Most Popular data recovery software

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The Most Popular data recovery software: Sometime we lost our valuable and important data by accidentally pressing delete button or it can be deleted through corrupt file system or virus. In order to recover that we need a very strong and powerful tool or software so that it can be recovered easily, that is why we have spent a lot of time on researching and found some great tools which can gather data from different files system such as, NTFS, FAT, HFS FAT32 etc.


Recuva: This software is the best for data recovery which can gather all your data from, internal and external hard drive, USB, images, wallpapers, videos, audios, zip files, contact details etc. it has secure and safe overwrite features that uses military and industry standard deleting process, it has easy user interface, superior file recovery, advanced deep scan mode and has ability to recover files from newly or damaged formatted files.


Test Disk: This tool is quite effective when it comes to recover deleted or lost files. Test Disk has a lot to offer for both experts and novices. This tool can recover data from, external or internal hard drive, zip files, images, etc. it has many features such as, recover or fix deleted part from NTFS,FAT, exFAT and ext2 file system. It allows to users to rebuild or recover the boot areas, it supports, Mac OS X or Microsoft windows.


Undeleted 360: When it comes to data recovery from computer we cannot forget this awesome application because of its speed of recovery. This software will help to recover all your lost data including, emails, audios, photographs, videos, text messages, notes etc within few minutes. For restoring process of lost data you need to download the software from play store and install it on your phone. After installing just click on open button the rest things will be performed by tool itself. This tool is able to recover different types of files such as, PNG, AVI, MP3, DOC, GIF, JPEG, HTML, JPG etc.


PhotoRec: This is another very strong, powerful and effective tool which is known for its powerful file recovery system from variety of devices such as, hard disk, digital cameras etc. This software is compatible with Mac OS X, windows, Linux. It comes with more than 440 different file formats and has lot of features for beginners and as well as for existing users.


PC Inspector File recovery: In today’s innovative world we see that each and every individual has computer or Smartphone’s and they save many important things such as, videos, audios, important notes, emails, text messages, bank details etc. but sometimes they got deleted by accidentally. In order to recover them the PC inspector can be the best solution for you. it can recover videos, images in different formats including, ZIP, LZH, ARJ, BMP, MP3, MOV, TAR, TIF, PDG, JPG, JPEG, EXE, DXF, AVI, MID, TIF, WAV, HLP, HTML, XLS and so on.

What exactly is Microsoft Hyper-V?

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Currently living in this world, there is the need to have a variety of operating systems in one machine to satisfy the need to acquire more computers. This reduces the amount of computers that you have to acquire and also economises on the amount of space that you have to use. This led to the introduction of the virtual operating systems as the computers cannot allow more than one operating system. The virtual operating systems led to the introduction of the Virtualization world. Virtualization is generally the running of an operating system within the main framework of the machine in topic. The virtual operating system share the internal space that is within the machine and just takes a small space.

Microsoft after discovering this, they ventured into the same and in the year 2008 brought into the market a software that is known as Microsoft Hyper-V. since the introduction to the world, there have been advancements on the same regularly. The total number of the advancements that have been introduced now total up to four in number. This has the added advantage that on top of it being used as a virtual operating system it ca also be installed and run as an operating system with its own servers. This windows server is built such that it has less space to occupy within the internal memory of the said machine.

The installation of this operating system is one that is a little bit complex and you have to follow the steps to the latter. It has to remake the architecture of the OS that you are using and form its own layer on the hardware that you are using. The installation will only occur in specified OS that were developed after the year 2008. If you have OS that is prior to this date, you have to update your OS to fit into this platform. After this you will follow the stipulated procedure and after the installation you will notice that your machine will reboot by itself. After this is completed you have to activate it from the control panel of the machine that you are using.

There are a variety of advantages that you get from the use of the virtual environment. This include the following listed below.

This particular virtual environment enables the user to move services at a faster and easier rate to the cloud.

Since one is able to run more than one operating system on one platform comfortably, there is the essence of saving on the resources that you have at hand rather than acquiring new hardware.

Rather than one using the other virtual platforms that are there in the market using Hyper V will enable the user to save a lot on the cost of licensing.

This are just but a few of the advantages. As a result it is best to try out this new virtual system as it is stable at the moment.