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Form many people interest in Cyber security and hacking, there are several conferences that one should never miss, the Shmoocon being one of them. This is a conference which is attended by most people who are big in the cyber security industry. This is one of the big conferences in the security industry. The story of how much this loved is told by the fact that it is the tickets sell out very early and many people sometimes don’t get to attend. This is conference that is geared to educate more people on cyber security and how it works including some of the vulnerabilities of the cyber system we have.



This is an event that was created in the 1990s and has been on ever since then. It is an event that was created by the Shmoo group and has in turn lasted all this time. This is an even that attracts very many hackers, cyber security enthusiasts among many others. All these come here to be taught how everything works and other details on this. Every year there are many people who look forward to attending the whole thing hence it is usually packed.


Advantages of going for Shmoocon.

The tickets are affordable and available. It is much cheaper compared to some of the other IT events and this one is usually one of the cheapest there is out there. Apart from that, there are also carefully selected speakers and talks that are geared to improve the skill sets of the people in there. The other major reason why many people attend is that it is packed and full of various presentations all which are amazing and educational. This is one place where you will go in and come out more knowledgeable then you might have one in.

Over the years more and more people have started attending the event. This event however has lower attendance than others such as Defcon. The developers of the event decided that they would keep it well nit and with a low number of attendance which makes it the go to event. This is one of the very most important events there is. It has been specifically designed as an exclusive event and one that is of great importance. The tickets are usually 150 dollars and the tickets are usually bought very fast immediately after their release.



This is an event that very many security firm and details attend to increase their knowledge of all this is very important.





Why use a Tablet PC instead of a Laptop?

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Why use a Tablet PC instead of a Laptop?


Why use a Tablet PC instead of a Laptop?

It is important to get the facts right. The tablet was invented after the laptop. So basically whoever invented the tablet was looking at the shortcomings of a laptop and incorporating their solutions on the tablets. Such shortcomings include the size, portability and even battery life. However, the fact that the laptop is still in the market in a big way means that it still got some advantages that make it worth buying. Maybe, it could make more sense to acquire both because they tend to complement each other.

Some of the merits of a tablet compared to the laptop include:

Battery life

A tablet has an unquestionably larger battery life. Well, technically there are laptops with an outstanding battery life of close to 17 hours such as the Dell XPS 13, iPad Air 2, and iPad Pro. The thing is; the research is based on the entire species rather than the chosen few. The tablet wins hands down. This makes tablets more reliable in cases of power failure compared to laptops.


There are king-sized tablets in the market – bigger than the small sized laptops – like 12-inch iPad Pro tablet which weighs 713 grams compared to the Apple’s 11-inch Macbook Air which weighs 1.08kgs. The laptop weighs more but it its much smaller compared to the tablet. This are isolated cases, but generally the tablet is lighter in weight and smaller in size thus making it way more portable compared to the laptop.

Less clumsy

Attempts to use laptops while on transit could prove to be very cumbersome. Tablets on the other hand are fairly easy to operate. They are more like phones. One can use one hand to hold a tablet while the other comfortably navigates through the display. For one to use a laptop, one must first flip it open and at least place it on a relatively flat surface. Due its bulky nature it is almost impossible to use it while walking.


This might have been the main idea for the conception of a tablet. In this territory, it has no equal; it reigns. The tablets design is in between that of a phone and that of a laptop. It can perform the basic functions of a laptop and most of the functions of a phone. Apart from sending and receiving mails and texts, you can use a tablet to call someone. It can also take videos as well as pictures with ease compared to a laptop which is somewhat rigid and bulky. The in-between function of a laptop is basically its selling point.

There are definitely areas where laptops may perform better than tablets but in the above factors the tablets prevail. With the ever evolving technology though, it is hard to tell which one of the two has a brighter future. All that one can do is to watch and wait.

What exactly is Microsoft Hyper-V?

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Currently living in this world, there is the need to have a variety of operating systems in one machine to satisfy the need to acquire more computers. This reduces the amount of computers that you have to acquire and also economises on the amount of space that you have to use. This led to the introduction of the virtual operating systems as the computers cannot allow more than one operating system. The virtual operating systems led to the introduction of the Virtualization world. Virtualization is generally the running of an operating system within the main framework of the machine in topic. The virtual operating system share the internal space that is within the machine and just takes a small space.

Microsoft after discovering this, they ventured into the same and in the year 2008 brought into the market a software that is known as Microsoft Hyper-V. since the introduction to the world, there have been advancements on the same regularly. The total number of the advancements that have been introduced now total up to four in number. This has the added advantage that on top of it being used as a virtual operating system it ca also be installed and run as an operating system with its own servers. This windows server is built such that it has less space to occupy within the internal memory of the said machine.

The installation of this operating system is one that is a little bit complex and you have to follow the steps to the latter. It has to remake the architecture of the OS that you are using and form its own layer on the hardware that you are using. The installation will only occur in specified OS that were developed after the year 2008. If you have OS that is prior to this date, you have to update your OS to fit into this platform. After this you will follow the stipulated procedure and after the installation you will notice that your machine will reboot by itself. After this is completed you have to activate it from the control panel of the machine that you are using.

There are a variety of advantages that you get from the use of the virtual environment. This include the following listed below.

This particular virtual environment enables the user to move services at a faster and easier rate to the cloud.

Since one is able to run more than one operating system on one platform comfortably, there is the essence of saving on the resources that you have at hand rather than acquiring new hardware.

Rather than one using the other virtual platforms that are there in the market using Hyper V will enable the user to save a lot on the cost of licensing.

This are just but a few of the advantages. As a result it is best to try out this new virtual system as it is stable at the moment.





Here are your best cloud storage options

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When it comes to storage you will find different shapes and forms. Different providers have different packages. When asked about the best cloud storage option it would be extremely hard to pinpoint just one. This is because each storage option comes with its own special features which are peculiar to it. But either way as a consumer you should be best informed in order to make the best decision. When choosing a cloud storage option it is important to consider the space available as well as the cost of the device. The security of the storage is also paramount. The cons of these cloud storages are the fact that they are susceptible to hacking and vital information may be compromised. Few companies have been able to manoeuvre their way through it in order to manage keys for encryption.


Some of the cloud covers that we have in the market include; SugarSync , carbonite, IDrive, Backblaze, dropbox, google drive, crashplan, mozy, justcloud.com, mega, just but a few.


When it comes to sugar sync, one can back up existing file folders structure which is unlike other options for instance the dropbox. The carbonite option is one that deals mostly with home or small business users. It is accompanied by a free 15 day trial in a bid to attract its buyers as well as show case its exquisite features. Its capacity is that of 500 GB cloud space. The IDrive cloud cover has the edge over the rest in the manner that they ship you a physical hard drive to back up data. After copying of the data, you send it back to them. The backblaze is designed in a different manner as compared to other cloud storage options. One downloads it simply, installs it then there is automatic back up of data. What encourages most is the fact that there are limits imposed. Using is with so much ease and its security is guaranteed with the strong encryption. The best part is the access of ease via the mobile device using an application from them. The dropbox is the most known of the cloud service provider. Lots of people use it, maybe because their marketing strategy sells extremely well. Your files are synced and if need arises you may share with friends, family, relatives even if it happens that they don’t own a dropbox account. Google drive, who doesn’t know google, the web giants? Well you must be living in another planet or under a rock. Anyway, they are a reliable and affordable option. The worrying factor has to be privacy given the cost friendliness. The crashplan, mozy and mega are sure to save your vital documents as it is automatically backed up.


The best cloud storage options lie among the mentioned above. Might you need one, have a read and choose your weapon here, of course figuratively speaking.





The advanced technology in the developing world determines the usage and need for the electronics. In every home, the daily uses can get satisfied and get completed in an easy way with the help of the consumer electronics also called as home electronics. Nowadays every home is all kind of electronics that fall into different kinds of categories like entertainment, home-office equipment and the communication systems. Once a time it is difficult to see washing machines and refrigerators in every home but now it is becoming a default mandatory one. This shows the importance of the electronic products in day-to-day life. As the world’s extreme technology provides us different things, the supplies for the consumer products has reached a high level.

data recovery

Better-Quality for housing and Daily life

As everything can be bought with the help of online, the purchasefor the electronic product will be more popular and as every people needs that, the demand for those products is also increased. Apart from the confusions to select the machine, the online system helps to find the goods and bad about the thing and they provide the products with more options like discount prices and free shipping as well as with they provide the gifts to establish their products.Though the purchase of electronics does not have any difference in buying through online and physical store, the online system provides you the main advantage of comparing and collecting the review about the products from another consumer.

Improved efficiency and convenience

Besides the world population, the electronic devices dominate every people with its uses and benefits.These electronic products help us to change for modern lifestyle environment with more efficient and comfort. The main fact is everything becomes electronic so that the functions are carried out to achieve the expectations of the customer satisfaction. As more products are available with warranty the worry about its damage is not considered to a high level. Whenever the unexpected damage to the gadgets take place, the users can claim for getting the new one.  Though these things are the advancement of the old technology, their impact in the modern society are immeasurable. These consumer products will have the effects on the individual or for a group. They simplify our life in many ways under the different difficult situation which increases the easy access to get information from a different side.

Recover all your confidential data easily

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In this scientific era, everyone is having their own system for their personal use or job related purpose. Generally all the people are storing the data in computer system. Actually people will not store the unwanted data in their computer only the important data’s will be stored in it. Sometimes our system may get damage or the data’s may get erased due to technical error or accidental deletions. It makes everyone tensed and upset their mind because we are storing only the important and sensitive files about our business or anything else. Now there are lot of new features hitting the market like data recovery software and many other technical things. You no need to worry about it we can get the lost data easily by using the new advanced techniques.

data recovery

Use recovery software:

Many people are not aware of the data recovery services so they are not using this system to recover their data easily. There is not essential to call the recovery professionals even for small issues. If you are surfing in the internet there is many recovery software available. Find the best one for our safety and get back all your data’s easily. The main thing you need to see before downloading the software in your device is that it should be safe without any malware attack. Incase if the problem is big and you are not able to recover all the data then it is essential to hire the professionals for help. They are having some knowledge to do all kind of work and they can recover it easily. If you are trying to do by yourselves in some other ways then it is lose for you. To avoid the unwanted issues and to give complete safety for all your records hiring the experts who is having good experience in it is the best way.

Hire experts:

While you are choosing the data recovery expert whether in online or offline you need to find the trustworthy people. You may lose the very secret or company related data’s in your computer so it should be safe without leaking to anyone. All the confidential data should be safe. Some experts are charging high for small issues so while hiring you need to hire them within your budget. If it exceeds your budget, then move on to other professionals in your area. Mostly all the service people are giving you service for 24 hours a day and 7 days in a week.